About Hike On Earth Discover the story and the team behind Hike On Earth!

Our goal

Help hikers connect and find new hiking adventures


How it all started

In 2017, Hike On Earth founder Sébastien Goldberg set out to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail. This experience sparked his passion for hiking in the wilderness. The moment he was back home, Sébastien started looking for his next hiking adventure.

But he struggled to find multi-day hikes and to convince friends or relatives to join in. In hindsight, he wished he could have teamed-up with other hikers to prepare and start new adventures. He soon found out that no website made that possible.

To address this, he founded Hike On Earth, a collaborative trail database that helps hikers find and plan their next hiking adventure together. Before long, Emeline and Ben brought their own ideas (and hiking shoes) into the project. Our small team was born!

How it works

Find, plan and share your hikes with a single social platform

Find new hikes around the world

Discovering new trails should not require long, strenuous hours of research. To help with that, Hike On Earth gathers long-distance trails from all over the world in one place. Hikes can be searched by country, duration and distance. Hikers, be prepared: you will find trails you have never heard of!

Plan your hiking adventures

An information toolkit is provided on each trail. It includes data on trail duration, difficulty, cost, useful links, and much more. All data is based on official sources or on information shared by hikers from the Hike On Earth community.

Share your hikes with the community

What a hiker learns on the trail can be gold to others. So anyone is welcome to add new trails, trail-specific information, tips and pictures into the platform. To ensure relevance, all data inputs are moderated by the Hike On Earth team.

Find like-minded hiking partners

Hiking or preparing an adventure alone is not always the safest or most fun option. On Hike On Earth, hikers can meet, help each other, and find hiking partners for their next trail. But that’s not all: they can also seek advice from trail veterans who have already completed a particular trail.


A gear store to lighten up and support our platform

We believe that affordable, high-quality light gear should not be available only in the United States. So we designed light hiking gear now available to all EU residents. We field-tested all our products ourselves, come take a look!

As Hike On Earth is entirely free and independent, our store is vital to ensure the platform’s sustainability. We encourage regular users to support us by visiting our store or making a donation.

The team

Sébastien Goldberg
"Be who you are, do what you love"
This quote is driving his life for these last few years. After graduating as electromechanical engineer, Sebastien was looking for something meaningful to do, something he loves. Today, he wants to share his passion with a strong and passionate community of hikers.
Emeline Dewitt
Young architect, Emeline uses her creative and artistic spirit to improve user experience. To her, the beauty of hiking starts as soon as a hiker browses the web and looks for his or her next adventure!
Ben Talbi
Content Creator
Literature enthusiast, Ben Talbi joined Hike On Earth in April 2020 after he met Seb on New Zealand’s beautiful Te Araroa trail. He was quickly intrigued by the project and, before long, was obsessed with it. Ben now helps with content development and communication.


Overview of the major steps in the development of our platform!

First thru-hike

After graduating, Sébastien Goldberg gathers gear and money to thru-hike the PCT. He is amazed by this experience and inspired by the US’ light gear and strong hiking community.

April 2017
August 2017

What to do next ?

Back in Europe, Sébastien struggles to find his next hikes and to connect with other trail enthusiasts. This inspires him to create an online platform on long-distance hiking.

Development of the plateform

Sébastien starts developing the platform from scratch. A great learning-by-doing adventure begins.

March 2019
April 2020

A small team was born

Emeline Dewitt joins Hike On Earth. She is soon followed by Benjamin Talbi, after he randomly comes across Sébastien on the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand.

Pre-launch campaign

30 early contributors from the hiking community test the website and give their feedbacks.

August 2020
September 2020

Hike on earth is online

After months of hard collective work and thousands of lines of code, Hike On Earth is launched.